Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy happy Friday! Yes, the weekend is here!!! So happy.
  • Tonight is Taco night! Easy...yes all of a sudden my 8 yrs old REQUESTED tacos, this has never happened. She always complained when I made them. I think some TV show influenced her. Weird right?
  • Saturday, trip to NYC for In-laws 60th wedding Anniversary. I know, 60 yrs married..wowser! We are heading to see a Broadway show and then for dinner. Yum.
  • Sunday will involve a whole lot of nothing. Well maybe a visit to see my family if I don't get too lazy. ; ) My little girl wants to see her Aunty, really bad.

So, what's on your schedule? Oh there's also a block party Saturday night that we might stop by and meet some new neighbors. Fun.


Eleanor said...

There must be some outside influence because my recently~turned~9yrold all of a sudden wants them too!!!
Have fun in NYC!

jade said...

Eleanor..I just tried to comment on your blog and blogger is not letting annoying.
I will try again later. Someone wants me to make cupcakes right now...although I'd rather just sip from this glass and read blogs!!!