Friday, October 28, 2011

YES it is...

Aren't you glad?! Me too.
* Tonight is the huge Kids Halloween party at school. But we also have a little Pre-party at a friends house for us we can make it thru the next 2 hrs of craziness. And it is, trust me.
* This weekend there is a Nor-Easter coming...if you can even believe that. I woke up and heard the news guy talking about it, and thought I was still dreaming. Snow before Halloween..weird. And I'm so not ready for that mess yet.
* Sat night, my little one is supposed to have a sleepover at her Aunty's house. Hopefully weather permitting. She wants to see their decorations.... they go all out, but scary. So she only wants to see it in the joke, she means it.
* Sometime this weekend- Momma has got to spend her Bday cash!!! That's right, guilt free shopping. That's the best kind. I have to remind myself to not buy home goods. I can't help it.


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