Friday, April 13, 2007

Last night: NYC- Meat Loaf concert

So I dragged my husband into NY last night to go to a MeatLoaf concert with me. (you can thank my dad for my love of Meatloaf, trust me it's totally different than most of the music I listen to).

We're on time. Great. We pull into the Parking lot, the attendant asks us 'Are you here to see MeatLoaf'? 'YES, we are!'

It's been rescheduled, he says.

What! No, It can't be!! No no no.... how could it be!! I told him I didn't believe him and that he shouldn't joke around. So after 5 minutes, I realized my denial wasn't going to help things and we should get in our car and leave this kind man to do his job.

What a total bummer!

Lesson#1: always check to see that your concert is still happening before driving into the city. (Who the hell does that)

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Unknown said...

We live in Florida and the same thing happened - but I got an email from Ticketmaster - the same day as the concert - good thing I checked my email.
I have no idea when he will reschedule - hope I can find out soon, so I can leave the date open??