Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lunch is getting expensive

For lunch today I went browsing about town. Well I intended to broswe but actually bought, so I guess I went shopping. Ughhhh.
I bought some crazy Green Galoshes! No not for my daughter, but for me. Yes, those ugly plastic things that you see looking real stylish on the models in magazines. I thought it would make a rainy day more fun. Oh the issues I have!!! ha. I'll show u a pic, they really are cute! (if your 4, maybe). But I don't care.

Let's see, I also bought a cloth shower curtain with a nice green and brown print. I bought this for the material, thinking I could make a tote or something and practice my oh-so-bad sewing skills.
We'll see how that goes. I figure if I admit to these things then someone will call me out and say hey where's that tote you were gonna make?

What else did I not need that I bought today?...oh, this one was cute. It's a bunny placemat that I am going to turn into a pillow. I'll show ya, I promise. really simple and cute.

And lastly, a cloth shoe rack for the back of my daughters door. I thought she could put her Beanie babies in there. (Actually they're my beanies, but how embarrassing to admit I collected at one time).

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